Right Spindle Strut for Kandi Go-Karts

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RIGHT side on models listed below.

This spindle fits certain models of 150cc, 200cc and 250cc Kandi go-karts.  There is a list by model number below.  

NOTE:  Go-kart spindles can be tricky.  Depending upon the setup, this same spindle can be left on one go-kart and right on another.  Please look at the pictures carefully, compare it to the one you are replacing, and make sure they match before ordering.  You may need the opposite spindle!

Spindle details:

  • Overall height: 11" approximately including studs
  • Axle length: 3.5" stepped
  • 12mm x 1.25 studs on both ends with holes drilled for cotter pins
  • Outside diameter of spindle tube: 32mm [1.25"]
  • 14mm x 1.50 threaded shaft for wheel attachment
  • 12mm hole for attachment to tie rod end
  • 65mm [2.58"] between 8mm caliper mounting holes
  • Painted black

Fits Kandi KD-150GKA-2, KD-150GKM-2, KD-200GKA-2, KD-200GKM-2, KD-250GKA-2 and KD-250GKZ-2Z go karts.