GY6 150cc "Won't Charge" Battery Stator Rectifier Tune-up Kit [Type C]

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  • Standard 4-pin Rectifier
  • High Quality 105cca Battery
  • Fits most Karts and ATVs
  • 20% Kitted Discount
  • $84.95
  • Weight
    8.87 lbs
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 This package is priced at a 20% kitted discount and still covered under our standard 30-day warranty.

Not charging?

This kit packages the parts most commonly responsible for lack of proper charging.

  1. 105cca battery
  2. 8-pole, 4-wire stator
  3. Standardized rectifier (Center Tap)
  4. Trickle charger

Do you need AC or DC Tune-up Kit?

Count the wires coming from your stator.

  • Do you have 5 wires? You have an AC system.
  • Do you have 4 wires? (No red/black wire) You have a DC system.

This kit solves these common problems

  1. Only a "click" or "buzzing" when trying to start.
  2. No power to anything while trying to start.
  3. Charging voltage while running less than 14vDC.
  4. Standing voltage below 12.5v after riding.

Check your existing battery's charge

You'll want more than 13v at the battery. 12.5v is borderline, but anything under that needs to be charged or the battery needs to be replaced.